Zhongyang Sams Welder-Generator Equipment

GL170211-10 New, China 5 kW x 1500 rpm Generating Alternator
230 volts
Model ST5
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GO0381 New, Inmaco 125kVA x 1500 rpm Alternator
415Volts, 3 Phase
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New, China SD5 Welding/Generating Alternator
Coupled with used Lister 13.5HP x 1700 rpm
Diesel Engine
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Unused, China SD2 Welding/Generating Alternator
Coupled with New Kirloskar 4.5HP Diesel Engine
Specifications Available   Photo Available  
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GL180211-1 New, Inmaco 25 KVA x 1500 rpm Alternator
415 Volts, 3 phase
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GL0582 New, Inmaco 6.5 KVA x 1500 rpm Single Phase Alternator
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GL201212-2 Inmaco 18 KVA x 1500 rpm, 3 phase Alternator
50 Hz
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Welder-Generator Equipment may also be known as:
other welding equipment

Related machinery or equipment we might carry include:
welding machine, generator

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Upon request, our machines can be inspected and tested under power.


British Oxygen Welding Rectifier Set, 700 Amps
British Oxygen
Welding Rectifier Set
Model MCRA700


Miller 250 Amps AC/DC Welder
Miller 250 Amps
AC/DC Electric Welder


Wimarc 250 Amps Welding Machine
Wimarc 250 Amps
AC/DC Welding Machine

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